Financial Fraud

Cracking the “Krackin' Kards” Scheme

How to Avoid Being Scammed

  1. Don't ever share your debit card information or PIN with anyone.
  2. This scam relies on you depositing a counterfeit check into your bank account.
  3. When the bank determines the check is counterfeit you are liable for the amount.

Scheme Information

The scammers’ pitch was simple: Let us put money in your bank, and we’ll give you a cut. But, typically, the suspects withdrew all the deposited funds and left bank customers with no funds in their accounts. It’s estimated that cash-hungry college students represent at least 25 percent of the people who agreed to let scammers use their debit cards and PINs. Although students might be considered victims, the reality is that handing over your debit card to someone else is a crime.