Jamaican Lottery scam

How to Avoid Being Scammed

  1. Never wire money to anyone, anywhere, who says you've won a prize.
  2. The best way to prevent becoming a victim is DON'T PLAY!
  3. Foreign lotteries are illegal. Don't play!

Scheme Information

Jamaican Lottery Scam

Jamaican Lottery Scam

This plane delivered Damion Barrett - a Jamaican citizen - to the U.S. to face charges for conning people into believing they had won a lottery and needed to send him money to collect the winnings.

Jamaican Lottery Scam

Investigators got a break in Florida when they arrested a middle man acting as a money mule for a gang in Jamaica.

Jamaican Lottery Scam

The crime targets lonely elderly victims. Experts say family, friends and neighbors should be on the lookout for any signs that point to a senior citizen being lured into a lottery scam.

The Jamaican lottery scam is one of the most damaging scams around. It largely targets older Americans, because they have accumulated their money over a lifetime, are often isolated and lonely.

Did you know that:

• Older Americans can lose their life savings to fake lottery scammers who see them as vulnerable?

• Fake lottery scammers constantly use new technology to trick people into sending them their money?

Of course, the prize never arrives. The scam snares thousands of Americans each year at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Rest assured, we are working hard to find and prosecute these scammers, but the surest way to save yourself or that vulnerable relative from becoming the victim of a fake lottery scheme is by preventing it from happening in the first place.

If you receive one of these mailings, you are not a winner. In fact, the odds are against you. First of all, you aren't ever going to be a winner in a contest you never entered! And when you have to pay money to claim your prize, odds are it's a scam.

Here are some tips:

• Hang up on the scammers.

• Don’t send cash or wire any money.

• Don’t believe any threats, since the scammers are most likely in another country.

Don’t fall for it! Give us a call.