Be Aware Of:

  1. High-pressure sales tactics, such as requiring pre-payments in cash
  2. A warning that your response is “urgent” or “it’s your last chance for this price”
  3. Being asked to sign a blank form

Scheme Information

Investment Scams

Josh Abernathy

Jason Muskey, while operating a Ponzi Scheme through a business called Muskey Financial Services, stole $2 Million from 26 victims which he used to invest in a semi-pro football team, extravagant vacations, and multiple homes.

Church Congregation Victimized by Scam Artist

One of his victims was recently widowed, suffering from cardiac problems, and living on a fixed income. The money she had been saving for almost 40 years was gone.

Exotic Vacations taken by Scam Artist

When the investors would ask for payouts from time to time, Muskey would steal from other clients to pay the clients that he had already stolen from until the bottom fell out of the Ponzi Scheme.

How many times have you seen that new “gadget” and said, why didn’t I think of that! Inventors are constantly coming up with new ideas. And as we saw in today’s episode, there’s always someone right around the corner trying to steal it. You might not be an inventor dealing with a company like Invent Kings, but you want to make sure you check out any business you deal with, especially if you’ve never dealt with them before. Be Smart. You can protect yourself from becoming a victim. And by sharing your “smarts” with others, you might prevent them from becoming a victim.