Internet Stalking

How You Can Help

  1. Personal information shouldn’t be shared online - that includes address, phone number, e-mail address, school name, passwords or information about friends.
  2. Only communicate online with “real life” friends and family. Never meet face-to-face with someone you met online.
  3. EVERYONE can see what you post, so don’t post inappropriate pictures..

Scheme Information

Internet Stalking

Internet Stalking

Internet Stalkingt

Internet Stalking

Almost everybody, including children, has access to the Internet through schools, libraries, community centers, or their home. And we’re all using the Internet more than before. Emailing, researching, social media, and just surfing the ‘net – it’s a part of our daily routine. But even as we grow savvier in the use of the Internet, it can still be a dangerous place. Predators, scammers and identity thieves are waiting to pounce and there are new risks.

• Cyberbullying

• Exposure to inappropriate material

• Revealing too much personal information.

The good news is that most dangers can be avoided. Be smart. And say something if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable.

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