For Whom the Bell Tolls

Time Share Scam Prevention

  1. Leave the room if the sales pitch becomes too aggressive.
  2. Allow yourself the opportunity to consider the offer; you do not have to sign the contract or documents at the presentation.
  3. Scams range from hidden booking or maintenance fees to more extreme cases, such as companies suddenly gong out of business once they get your deposit.

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Time Share Scam




Vacation timeshares are a booming business. More than three million Americans own a timeshare and many are very satisfied. But there have been enough scams and shady deals luring people in that timeshares have developed a bad reputation. Some timesh¬are brokers also use hard-sell tactics and other practices that aren't necessarily illegal but are definitely unethical, so vacationers need to be wary.

Timeshares are an investment and, just as you would do with any other investment, check it out before committing or sending money. Ask for reference -- and call them. Talk to people who have been happy and unhappy with the company. And check with the resort itself. It’s your money. Ask questions and stay vigilant or you might be giving your money to a crook

If you see someone suspicious near a mailbox or see them steal mail, call police immediately, then report it to Postal Inspectors at 877-876-2455.