"No Good Deed" - Fake Charity scam

HERE ARE SOME prevention tips to think about before you donate:

  1. Don’t give cash. Make checks payable to the organization—never to an individual.
  2. Don’t feel pressured to give money on the spot.
  3. Look at the name of the charity carefully. Some charities have similar names.
  4. Ask the charity to provide detailed written information about its program and finances. Legitimate charities will be glad to send you information about them.

Scheme Information

Fake Charity Scam

Sweetheart Scam

This woman thought she was renewing her magazine subscriptions and donating to charity.

Sweetheart Scam

Four months later she got renewal notices from the magazines she thought she had just paid for.

Sweetheart Scam

Young employees were promised a portion of their sales in a scam run by Samuel Cole and Lorraine Buchanan. There were more than 50-thousand victims nationwide with three million dollars in losses.

Throughout the year—and especially during the holidays, after a natural disaster, or following a tragic event—legitimate charitable organizations distribute pleas or make public appeals for contributions to a good cause. However, con men too often take such crises as opportunities to exploit some Good Samaritans’ better natures. Not only do their victims lose some hard-earned money, but the needy people it’s intended for wind up never seeing a dime. Make sure your money goes where you want it to go.