Credit Card Fraud

How can you protect yourself?

  1. Keep a record of your account numbers, their expiration dates and the phone number to report fraud for each company in a secure place.
  2. Don’t lend your card to anyone — even your kids or roommates — and don’t leave your cards, receipts, or statements around your home or office.
  3. When you no longer need them, shred them before throwing them away

Scheme Information

Credit Card Fraud

Paid Invoices

There are many ways to commit credit card fraud. One way is identity theft. That happens when someone uses your Social Security number or other personal information to get a credit card in your name, open new accounts and make purchases. There are many ways that you might discover that someone is using your information. You might find unfamiliar accounts on your credit report. Or you notice strange withdrawals from your bank account, get bills that aren’t yours, or get calls about debts that you don’t owe.

If you see one of these warning signs of identity theft, report it quickly to limit the damage. While identity theft can happen to anyone, there are some things you can do to reduce your risk. Monitor your accounts. Get a copy of your credit report yearly from the credit reporting bureaus. It’s free. If you feel you are a victim, put a fraud alert on your accounts with the credit bureaus.