Fraud on the Internet:
Old Games, New Tricks

Con artists are always offering deals that sound "too good to be true." They used to come by mail or in a phone call. Now they're coming through a more anonymous venue to pitch fraud -- the Internet.

Although the Internet offers a safe and convenient venue to do business, fraudsters also like the Internet -- to target unsuspecting consumers.

Online scammers can ignore national borders or boundaries. They have only one objective: to steal your money. Whether it's auction fraud or identity theft, reshipping scams or foreign lotteries, be cautious, and be smart.

U.S. Postal Inspectors offer these tips:

  • Be suspicious of e-mail that appears to be from banks, online auction sites, or other retailers.

  • Never use a link in an e-mail to visit a Web site.

  • Only purchase goods and services from sites you trust.

  • Examine all online offers before buying anything.

  • When you're online, be on guard. Don't respond to suspicious email and mail and hang up on phone offers that sound "too good to be true."

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service has these consumer brochures to help you learn more about fraud concerns:

Identity Theft
Publication 280 text-only version

Consumer Fraud By Phone or Mail
Publication 281 text-only version

Consumer & Business Guide to Preventing Mail Fraud
Publication 300-A text-only version

Prevención del Fraude Postal Prevención del Fraude Postal
Publicacion 300-A-S text-only version

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