United States Postal Inspection Service

Assisting With Your Recovery

Victims and witnesses of crime are emotionally affected by the experience. Although everyone reacts differently, these behaviors may be common to all:

  • Increased concern for personal safety and that of family members. You may be more cautious.
  • Trouble concentrating on the job.
  • Difficulty handling everyday problems, or feeling overwhelmed.
  • Going over the circumstances of the crime again and again, and thinking about what might have gone differently.
  • Difficulties from financial loss.

All of these problems are normal and may decrease with time. Talking with a Postal Inspector or your victim/witness coordinator may assist in your recovery. If a defendant pleads guilty or is found guilty, you may, before sentencing, submit an Impact Statement describing the emotional, physical, and financial effects of the crime on your life and the lives of family members. Your victim/witness coordinator can assist you in preparing the statement, if appropriate.


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