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May 4, 2009

Contact: Postal Inspector Peter R. Rendina, 202-268-3700,

Postal Inspectors Conduct Data Breach Investigation

The Postal Inspection Service is currently investigating a data breach at two consumer data providers. Postal Inspectors have already notified approximately 300 victims identified through this investigation whose personal identifiers were used in an identity crime.

Approximately 40,000 letters will be sent to affected consumers informing them that their sensitive personally identifiable information may have been viewed by a few individuals who should not have had access to such information.

Postal Inspectors encourage affected consumers to take the following steps:

  • Review your credit reports carefully
  • Check for inaccuracies and notify credit bureaus of them
  • Monitor your credit report
  • Report errors and suspicious activity to your creditors as soon as possible
  • Place a security alert on your credit reports
  • Contact the United States Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455 if fraudulent accounts have been opened using your personal information
  • File a complaint with the FTC

Since this is an ongoing investigation the U.S. Postal Inspection Service cannot comment further on this particular case. If you are a consumer who receives one of these letters from the data providers, and you identify a fraudulent account which has been opened in your name, please contact the Postal Inspection Service to report this information. The Postal Inspection Service has established a special hot line number for this purpose, and this number is provided on the notification letter you will receive from the data providers.

“The Postal Inspection Service has a long proud tradition of thwarting fraud and identity theft; I am confident the culprits will be brought to justice,” says acting Chief Postal Inspector W.R. Gilligan.


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