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Beware of USPS Imposter Phone Calls
Some postal customers are receiving fraudulent phone calls that a package is ready to be delivered. Don't provide personal information. Read more about this scam.

Beware of Bogus Emails
Some postal customers are receiving bogus emails about a package delivery or online postage charges. Don't click on the link, open the attachment, or print a label! Read more about this scam.

Bogus Change-of-Address Websites
Some customers have paid up to $40 for a change of address on websites that appear to be linked with the Postal Service but are not--and in some cases the change is never made. Postal Inspectors warn customers, "The Postal Service is not affiliated with the businesses that own these sites. To ensure the best service, use www.usps.com. Read more about this scam.

Japan Charity Fraud
An estimated 1.7 million Web sites already have been created for fake Japan charities. Postal Inspectors warn: Be sure to choose a legitimate charity—not one set up for the sole purpose of bilking the public.
Read more about this scam.

Chief Postal Inspector Scam!
When Chief Postal Inspector Guy Cottrell was first appointed, fraudsters who relied on fake endorsements by former Chief Postal Inspector William R. Gilligan obviously stay tuned to the Postal Inspection Service Web site, which named a new agency head in August. Read more about this scam.

$6.5 Million ATM Card? Return to Sender!
An e-mail offering a $6.5 Million ATM Card? Return this scam to sender!

New Toyota for $39.95? Postal Inspectors Call It Mail Fraud!
"Congratulations!" reads the mailing, "You’ve won a brand-new Toyota worth $15,500!" But Postal Inspectors warn "This is mail fraud. Anyone who mails in their money can kiss it good-bye."

Don't Be the Victim of a Reshipping Scam!
Are you getting paid to receive packages at your home or business and mail them to someone else? Learn how to recognize reshipping scams.

Don't Waste Your Money on Charity Fraud
Disasters can bring out the best in people, but the reverse may also be true: Scammers try to take advantage of disasters by stealing donations intended to help victims. Don't let your money go to charity fraud.

Fake Checks Scam
Postal Inspectors are working to educate postal customers about a check fraud scheme that targets Americans. View a Postal Inspection Service video about fake check scams, or visit www.fakechecks.org.

Chief Postal Inspector Targeted in Phony E-Mail
Good things can happen to good people, but did you really believe the former Chief Postal Inspector was sending you "an authentic ATM card" good for $1.5 million? We hope not, because Postal Inspectors have confirmed it's just a scam. Chief Postal Inspector Targeted in Phony E-Mail.

Canadian Lottery Scheme Uses Fake USPS Checks
Postal Inspectors are alerting postal employees to a new scheme: letters are being mailed from Canada to U.S. residents announcing that the addressee has won a foreign lottery. A counterfeit Postal Service check is enclosed in each letter with instructions to wire a portion of the money outside the country after depositing the check. The Postal Inspection Service is aggressively investigating this scheme.

If you believe you have received a check that is related to a sweepstakes or lottery, do not accept the check. Call the Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455.