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Revenue Protection Program
Protecting Postal Service revenue means protecting its core business

What is postal (revenue) fraud?

How is the Postal Service defrauded?

Want to report postal (revenue) fraud?

Laws Enforced

Counterfeit Permit Imprints
Counterfeit Permit Imprints

Counterfeit Postage
Counterfeit Postage

Counterfeit Meters
Counterfeit Meters

Our Mission

  • To ensure the health and success of the U.S. Postal Service through strong, aggressive revenue protection measures.
  • To identify fraudulent activities and prosecute dishonest mailers who deliberately exploit internal agency controls to avoid proper payment of postage.
  • To identify and recover lost revenue.
Our Strategy

  • To work closely with the Postal Service to review internal controls for revenue streams, and to identify and fix weaknesses.
  • To identify and utilize relevant Postal databases for use in detecting potential fraud.
  • To work with and educate Postal employees about potential revenue fraud schemes and to ensure they report their concerns.
  • To thoroughly investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent anyone who defrauds the Postal Service through a revenue-related crime.

Did you know? Bad addresses cost the Postal Service more than $1 billion a year in wasted productivity. Return to Sender